Leviathan & The Deep, Dark Blue

by Morgan Rider and the Deep Dark River

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Mubla Na Thguob
Mubla Na Thguob thumbnail
Mubla Na Thguob Really happy to have found a talented new artist to enjoy. Now this is only part two of a quadrilogy and he's already created a definitive sound that has me extremely excited for parts three and four. This is the kind of discovery that makes Bandcamp so important, We can watch this artist grow and the story unfold before our eyes. Nice! Favorite track: The Seafaerers.
Ivan Jelcic
Ivan Jelcic thumbnail
Ivan Jelcic Atmospheric and folky, relaxing and mellow, this is a beautiful album, both in electric and acoustic versions.
I also appreciate and support the artist's nature-friendly philosophy. Favorite track: The Seafaerers.
TheKenWord2017 thumbnail
TheKenWord2017 This is a solid folk rock record, but what really seals the deal are the acoustic tracks. Worth the price of admission just for those alone. Favorite track: Ignite the Tempests [Acoustic].
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The Deep Dark River Quadrilogy: Part 2.

Leviathan and the Deep, Dark Blue is a story of an oceanic guardian who has taken the form of a colossal grey whale. As the modern era of humankind takes its mastery of the seas, its powers ebb and its waters begin to sour and darken.


released November 22, 2019

Morgan Rider - Vocals, guitar, bass, piano, slide guitar, percussion
Nathen Morrison - Cello

Mix: Morgan Rider
Master: Morgan Rider
Art: Morgan Rider


all rights reserved



Morgan Rider Bowmanville, Ontario

Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Morgan Rider combines all the humble qualities of blues, folk and classical into an artfully crafted musical reflection on life, hope and old-fashioned storytelling while delivering a uniquely fresh and uplifting listening experience. ... more


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Track Name: The Immeasurable Fathoms
The waves erupt from a frozen sea
‘neath the cold, northern moon.
So great and terrible were their ragings
Though those lonesome scapes heard not.

A titan beast, grey of hue
Rises wrathfully from the waves
Those waters once cobalt and pure
Now a’swirl with poison hues.

The stars above shine ever on,
Though darkness clouds the failing sun
Where strength once persevered,
The end of an age is near…

He, the God of the deep, dark blue
Hurls his might at the waves
O’ the strangest of bygone days
Lost beyond those roaring winds…

The oceans parted before him
And those noxious waters split asunder
Waves pounded beneath the moon
To the resonance of doom’s knell...

The stars above shine ever on,
Though darkness clouds the failing sun
Where strength once persevered,
The end of an age is near…
Track Name: Dread
The stars shone brightly on the sea
And the waves reflected back their beauty
With a blooming sense of dread and fear,
the signals grew stronger every league.

Bourne on black and rotten currents
He swam beyond those stranger waters...
Bodies of his kin, drowned amidst a wreckage
Extinguished in all the cruelest ways…

Looming before him grew a sight
A skeleton of shore-dweller design
Horror clung upon its body
And from it spewed the venom (of man…)

Their fear grew the moment he came
And they hurled their toxins in force
But none of their kind could inflict him any pain
And upon his rage was bourne the storm...
Track Name: Ignite the Tempests
And the oceans weight erupted
Casting down their unwholesome designs…
Storms came raging from distant seas
And doom was brought down upon their shores.
He withered one and all…

Their land he flooded all the way
As far as his waves would reach.
In his despair, he fell upon them
And he drowned all their memories…
And they were claimed once more…
Track Name: The Seafaerers
Years wheeled on and his life force ebbed
But further he voyaged on...
And as his deep dark waters only bittered,
His fury rained down upon his foes…

Their influence only darkened
Their poisons swarming out to sea
No matter how many he destroyed
The currents clouded with disease.

Long he cast upon them ruin
And there now burned a hate
They set out with their crafts of black iron
To lay claim their mastery of the seas.

To the waves they dumped their venoms
So that he might be stricken down
For in the end only one may rule
And his strength would fade...
Track Name: When The Waves Are Stilled
In the North
The waves swirled agleam
His blood stained the tide
When this age became a dream

They knew not what they hunted
For their hearts burned with rage
To the dark they cast their weapons
To the tides, he fell away…

No longer will they know
The mysteries of old…
Darkness has come for him
And soon for them, they know…

Strange tides now flow
Beyond the realms he swam
The waters churn with poison
What doom have they wrought…?

Now longer will it stay
The stormy seas from shore
The ending has only begun
And they will never know…

For now, the waves are stilled
But soon the storms will come.
The seas will swallow the whole world,
And so will the doom come.

Omnia mors aequat...

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